Telling your Community League Story

Community leagues have great stories. And telling them well is a good way to engage people in the league, in their community, and as neighbours. EFCL has collected and developed a number of resources designed specifically to support community leagues in connecting neighbours on and offline, and in using social media tools to share their stories about their neighbourhoods.


In 2014/2015, EFCL & ev+ Digital and Traditional Marketing Agency hosted a series of social media workshops geared specifically at community leagues. The presentation slide deck and Social Media Resource Manual are both available for community league use.


Many of the resources EFCL is able to offer on this topic are thanks to the support of the Alberta Real Estate FoundationYEGisHome, and ev+ Digital and Traditional Marketing Agency.


Why Use Social Media?

  • Social media platforms are free (or very, very cheap) ways to promote your community league to a huge audience.
  • Social media tools are incredibly effective ways to share your stories.
  • Edmonton is a very active city on social media, especially Twitter.
  • And it's not just Edmonton. Most Canadians use social media of some kind.
  • Social media users form communities, and online communities help people connect in the 'real' world.

Community League Social Media Resource Library

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