EFCL Assumes Operation of Londonderry Community Hall

The EFCL is now running the facilities at Londonderry Community League, which includes a very large hall, an outdoor rink and a hall parking lot. We are accepting rental bookings for the hall. Please contact Teri for details.


Our objective is to help out the league while we fulfil our obligations under the Tripartite License Agreement.  Terms of the license agreement were activated by the City of Edmonton in early May, when it made the decision to cover some significant utility charges that the league was unable to pay.


Our first step was to hire a hall manager, to handle any existing hall rentals.  Teri Muiselaar, who has been handling the hall rentals at Evansdale Community League for many years, is now under contract with the EFCL to manage the Londonderry Hall.


Our next step has been to make the hall available for the existing tenants, which includes a karate club, the Eagles hockey club, the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition and Amity House.



Revitalizing Londonderry

Without amazing volunteers it's impossible to have amazing leagues. Londonderry Community League has been fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers building the league for many years. For some of them, the time has come to pass the torch to their neighbours. 

Contact EFCL if you'd like to be involved in the exciting project of charting the future of the Londonderry Hall.

The EFCL and the City of Edmonton will be working with a group of Londonderry residents to figure out a sustainable, long term future for the community league's facilities and revitalize the community league. 


General Information about Volunteering with a League

Like any volunteer commitment, what you get out of your time helping the Londonderry Community League is based on what you put into it. Time spent staying on top of community league operations, events and programs and community happenings is a good investment.  There are also opportunities throughout the year to volunteer at league events or on committees and to help out with league projects. 


EFCL Offices:

7103 105 St NW
Edmonton, AB
T6E 4G8 Canada

P: +1.780.437.2913
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Hours: Mon to Fri, 8:30 to 4:30