Volunteers and Staff

Need a volunteer? What about a student?

Student Citizen is an initiative that focuses on supporting learning in real world contexts. Students learn about local levels of governance (through volunteering) at the league level, while contributing to projects that strengthen our city community.


Teachers from K-12 classrooms across the Public, Catholic and other schools will be able to access league volunteer opportunities on the innovate website and sign up for a project such as community clean-up, Walkable Edmonton, community gardening, landscape beautification, publish student work in a newsletter (art, story, poem, etc.), energy audit of league hall, make a lunch for a seniors group or people in need, and many more relevant projects. 


Got something or an event you would like help with? Consider student volunteers.

Submit your volunteer opportunity on Innovate High School.

Have you thought about University Students?

Community Service-Learning (CSL) offers University of Alberta students the opportunity to work and make a difference with a local community group, while reflecting and putting their experiences in context within a university course. These community partnerships provide opportunities for students to gain valuable experience, and to contribute and increase their awareness of the social and political life of their community.


If you are interested in learning about how to host a CSL Student for a project with your league, contact cslinfo@ualberta.ca

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