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Sustainability Director/Coordinator Job Template 


Want to make a big impact on sustainability? Become your league's Sustainability Director! This template will give you the basic job description, make the job your own! 

Sustainability Grants


Though they're worth it, sometimes sustainability initiatives can be a costly investment. Check out our list of grants that community leagues can use to make the difference!

Green Leagues Recommended Contractor List

Managing a green energy project can be difficult and time-consuming. But having an experienced contractor that understands the unique needs of your Community League can make the process a lot easier. That's why we have put together a list of Green Leagues approved contractors for your solar PV and energy efficiency projects. Contractors were selected based on a combination of factors, including overall industry experience, and experience working with Community Leagues and other not-for-profits.

Check out the Green Leagues Preferred Contractors List here!

Community League Recommended Contractor List

The Community League Recommended Contractor List is a collection of contractors that specific community leagues have used for various past projects and found them to be excellent to work with. This list has been curated by the EFCL to help leagues find contractors that meet their general, electrical, roofing, HVAC, and maintenance contracting needs. For more information about how the list was curated, read about the procurement process on page 2.


Though this list is intended to reduce the amount of stress in finding a contractor, it is still important to make sure that your final contractor is right for you. Examples of questions to ask potential contractors are also included in this document.

You can find the Community League Recommended Contractor List on the League Board Section of our website. 

NOTE: The recommended contractor list was a pilot project and the list is now closed. The success of this pilot project will be evaluated in 2019. 



Past Workshops

The Green Leagues Program hosts many workshops throughout the year in order to assist those who want to learn more about the great sustainability things that community leagues can do! Click here to review what we have covered in the past.

Programming In A Box Guidebooks

The EFCL works develop content-specific Programming In A Box guidebooks to assist community league members in creating programs, services, and activities that add value for their community. These resources complement the other tools and materials in the EFCL's resource library and can be accessed by Community League's and their boards. 

You can find the current guidebooks in the League Board Resources section of our website. 


Potential Sustainability Initiatives to Try

There are so many activities that community leagues can do to engage their communities in sustainable practices! Find the ones that interest you and then check out the links below for resources to make them happen!


Nature Specific Resources

Read our nature specific initiatives list to find some inspiration for your project!


Waste Specific Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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