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Key Stakeholder Updates on the EFCL's 100th Anniversary Plaza at Hawrelak Park

For key stakeholders, like festivals and events taking place in Hawrelak Park, we are happy to provide updates on this page. Our goal is to be transparent and clear with the construction and operations of the 100th Anniversary Plaza. 

Have a question for us? Please email plaza@efcl.org and ask! 


This PDF has the 100th Anniversary Plaza project history and overall plans. 

June 2020: Working Through the Pandemic

Crazy weather plus some supply and work delays (COVID-19 related) have resulted in our construction schedule being extended through the summer.  We are fortunate that this will not impact any scheduled park events and that it gives us some additional time to keep people working down at the park.  Donations we hoped to have from the business community have also been impacted by our current economic climate, and the project has needed to reduce expenses and scope.  We have concentrated on keeping the connectivity and enjoyment of the designed elements to guide our revisions.


1. Redesigned a drainage swale to keep two very large, beautiful trees in the plaza.  Initial plans called for their removal.


2. We have relocated some Art and signage elements to remain in the section of the project we are able to keep within our improvement scope.

May 2020: Reports from the EFCL's AGM and Annual Report

The following update was given as part of the EFCL's 2019 Annual Report:


In 2019, the vision of the EFCL 100th Anniversary project and the impact and the value of it for the community league movement and all of Edmonton and Alberta were re-evaluated in great depth and detail. This was the most significant year for the project where all the years of planning, consultation, engagement and fundraising finally came to the pivotal moment in time where vision transitions to reality. 


January - March 


Festival and Event Stakeholders in W.Hawrelak Park brought forward concerns to their city representatives and to the media about what the future would look like for them given the expected construction of our project and given the city’s long term plan to rehabilitate park infrastructure.  EFCL, the stakeholders and the City really worked hard to understand the needs and desires of all and ensure that the project vision would be the gift and enhancement that it was always meant to be.  The result of these discussions shaped how this project has now moved forward to construction.  Support letters from our leagues, additional funding dollars from the city, and design and operational considerations made were key to demonstrating the desire for all to see the Community League Plaza become a successful and tangible legacy for our city.   


April - June 


The welcome show of support and funding allowed the EFCL to begin the process of actualizing the project plans.  Joined by our indispensable new project manager, Scott Varga from Avison Young, construction drawings and schedules were created, bids were tendered and plans were made to begin building after the park festivals concluded in the summer months. Our funding partners were given the news of the construction green light and amendments were made to reflect new timelines.  The imminent construction meant work needed to start in earnest to design the displays and signage and to confirm the stories and pictures that would eventually be installed.


July - September


Paul Ganter of Stanley Construction won the bid to be the general contractor and his team began their work.  This group has proved to be incredibly proficient and helpful to work with which has served to strengthen relationships with the festivals and the city.  In addition, their flexibility and commitment to the project have allowed significant savings and improvement benefits as well.  Community League soccer volunteers might know Paul as we have since learned that he was involved with SouthWest Edmonton Soccer Association for many years in further demonstration of his spirit to community and volunteerism. 


October - December


The fall and the end of the year was the beginning of construction and a tremendous time of celebration for the 100 project steering committee to witness and participate together at this moment. This steering committee, as committee members across our organization can relate to, has put in thousands of hours and over 400 meetings spanning nine years.  They have been very actively engaged since 2011 and this is above and beyond their dedication to the movement in other areas.  Alan Bolstad is a past EFCL executive director and still volunteers for his local community league board.  David Dodge, is a past EFCL president, and still volunteers for other EFCL committees and has always championed for the leagues in his northside neighbourhood who are now very well known as early adopters of solar panels and energy-efficient community league hall strategies. Lindsay Smith, another past EFCL board member, Community League President, and long time volunteer for his local ice rink in Grandview heights. Dr. Rob Agostinis, as the current EFCL ambassador for the Live Active Strategy, Great Neighbour Race organizer, has been a strong voice for this project to ensure elements of fun, interaction, and interest remain a focus to provide that desired space we can all be proud of and enjoy. Although he is a more recent addition to the 100 project committee Jens Woller has more than 40 years of volunteer service to his community league in various capacities. The groundbreaking event and the celebration of that moment were so important not only for these champions of community league spirit but for everyone since 2011 that has put their time, energy, and love into this tribute project to honour our beloved community league volunteers, past, present, and future. 


“2019 was a triumphant year for the EFCL 100th Anniversary project and we owe it all to our construction team, our member leagues, the area councils, our newest Executive Director, and our supportive and visionary 2019 EFCL board members.  Because of the team who have joined this project in process and under scrutiny, and because they were able to see the importance of the vision and put their heart and effort behind the goal, because of their foresight and leadership, we will be completing the Community League Plaza in 2020.”


Thank you - EFCL Staff - Nora Begoray.

April 2020: Community League Plaza Update: More Cool Facts from Over 100 Years of History

The roof of the Community League Plaza is now being installed. It is a striking and beautiful design that all the crew at the site are proud to be working on. As an umbrella organization for the 160 community leagues, the EFCL also provides shelter to its member community leagues in the form of advocacy.

The winds of change sometimes bring forward potential policies that might have negative impacts on the health and well being of leagues.  In 1953,  the EFCL and its then-44 member Leagues rallied together against a proposed government ban on bingos and lotteries being used as fundraisers. Their efforts were successful and have allowed this revenue to still be an important resource for leagues.

Lottery and casino fundraising is something the EFCL continues to advocate for and ensure it is retained for the Leagues of today and for the Leagues of the future. These are some of the important moments in history that will be captured on a timeline display at the plaza.

March 2020: Community League Plaza Update and Historical Photos Request

It is heartening to see some work projects that are able to continue to keep our economy moving forward.  The building of the Community League Plaza at this point is operational, is following strict health safety protocols and maintains a very small team of workers on-site at any given time. 

As the beautiful wood beams go up, and the roof begins to take shape, volunteers on the project committee are still working hard in the background to showcase amazing facts to tell the story of 100 years of community development in our city. Did you know that in 1980 a formal city policy was passed where Edmonton city council officially recognizes the EFCL and it's member leagues as partners of local government? To read more cool facts see our history page and if you would like to add your touch to the project, we are still seeking old photos to fill some gaps in our photo collection.

We are looking for a few specific timeline photos for the displays or the celebratory publication materials.  If you have a photo, high resolution, that you can identify, source and have the permission to use that illustrates the following events and time periods, please email plaza@efcl.org.

1. 1917 - 1920 picture of a community league event
2. 1923 - 1925 picture of a community league city clean up event
3. 1952 - 1955 CL Queen contest or CL Talent show photo
4. 1966 - 1970 Green Shack Program photo
5. 1975 - 1978 - EFCL Neighbourhood watch photo
6. 1985 - Neighbourhood watch photo
7. 1994 - City Hall grand opening photo
8. 2003 - Photo of Millwoods Canada celebration
9. 2011 - "Community League Day" event

February 2020: Time Capsule Raffle

The EFCL is working on a time capsule to be stored at Community League Plaza. In order to fund this part of the project, we're holding a raffle of an original painting by local artist Willie Wong, which depicts various elements of Edmonton neighbourhoods.


Tickets are $10 each, and they may be purchased in person at the EFCL office during business hours--just ask for Janita or Nora. Cash and credit cards will be accepted for in-office purchases. Tickets will also be sold at EFCL events, cash only. The draw will be on October 26, 2020.

January 2020 Update

Construction continues on the Plaza. Some questions that have been asked recently:

Will this project impact my event in 2020?

During construction: No, EFCL has agreed to cease construction activities during festival events. EFCL started construction after the festival and event season in 2019, and though construction will continue during SilverSkate festival in February of 2020, it will not interfere with the event. We have the schedules for all planned events in 2020 from the City of Edmonton. Our hope is that the plaza and the art installations along the stream will be completed by the end of May 2020.  

Will you work with us to keep construction impacts to our festivals at a minimum and let us know as the new re-scoped project plans are developed?

Yes, as construction progresses there are often decisions that need to be made as unforeseen costs
emerge prompting changes or unexpected cost savings occur that allow for new opportunities to
enhance the project. If there are changes that have a confirmed impact to the scope of the design, EFCL
will be happy to share that news with the festivals and events through our project page and through the
City of Edmonton project steering committee that liaises with the festivals and events directly.

Has our feedback with regards to the operational impacts of the project made any changes to the project design and build?  

Yes, at additional design and construction expense, EFCL further widened the narrowest point of
the pathway through the plaza from X meters to 10 meters. Pedestrian flow ( golf cart access )
over the existing bridge will remain the same as there are no changes to this structure in the

December 15, 2019, Hard Hats and Hot Chocolate Event

November 30, 2019, Site Visit

We invited festivals and events to join us for a visit of the Community League Plaza in initial phases of construction. Some of the video and photos of that visit are below. Project Manager, Scott Varga, of Avison-Young spoke about this phase of construction and the materials used. Site manager, Wayne Cebryk, of Stanley Construction, was also on hand to share some information. Take a look! 


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