Solar FAQs

What are the types of solar power?

The sun can be used to generate thermal or electrical energy. Thermal energy is created through solar power using mirrors to concentrate the sun’s heat onto a liquid. This liquid is pumped throughout a building, facility or swimming pool, in order to heat the area.

How does solar electric power work?

Solar electrical energy is the more common type of solar energy. It is generated through photovoltaic (PV) panels which turn the sun’s rays into electrons. These electrons are then converted into the power that we use everyday through the DC/AC Inverter.

How does solar reduce my bill?

Energy produced on-site will be used on-site first, which means that you will need less energy from the grid every month. Additionally, should you produce more that you use at a given moment (on a sunny day in the summer perhaps), you will receive a credit on your energy bill. Another option for those moments is to sell the extra energy to a private retailer or co-op which will earn you more per watt exported.

What is the upfront cost?

Currently within Edmonton the cost of solar panels is about $3 per watt of installed capacity, however this varies based on several factors including the experience of the installers. In Edmonton, there are also many different generous grant programs available to alleviate some of the burden of the upfront cost. Please contact for more information. Some community leagues have completely covered their costs!

What are the maintenance costs?

There are very minimal maintenance costs associated with solar panels. Once installed, only the occasional cleaning is required.

What grants/incentives are available?

There are many different grant opportunities available to community leagues for solar PV projects. These are generally from the Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton. Contact for more grant information as well as advice about how to best combine the grants to maximize return.

Risk of theft?

Theft of solar panels is very rare within the Edmonton area. There is only one known case of this occurring and there are reasonable precautions available to prevent further theft.

What are the benefits to the league?

There are so many! • Attract green volunteers and members • Visual statement of commitment to sustainable practices • Saves money, and reduces the vulnerability of the community hall to changing energy prices • encourages residents and makes community league hall a leader in renewable energy

How do you get started?

To start all it takes is a passionate person like yourself! 1. Pitch the idea to your community league board and volunteer to make your passion come to life. For tips and tricks contact our Energy Transition Officer to assist! 2. Consider getting an energy audit done on your hall. While solar energy is more exciting, energy efficiency is a low cost, high gain energy project. 3. Decide what needs to be done. Energy efficiency, solar panels or both! 4. Get Quotes. Contact local contractors to quote the work that you need done. 5. Find funding. Contact for the best applicable grants. 6. Grant Writing. Our Energy Transition Officer can write your grants for you, so reach out!

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