Event, program and Specialty support


Members of FC Edmonton attend an annual EFCL meeting. A supporter of the EFCL, the meeting gave these folks the perfect opportunity to talk directly to league members about event participation during community league soccer registration.

Become engaged with our membership

Partnering with the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues allows you to:

  • Display your community commitment to an audience of dedicated city organizers
  • Generate goodwill among active and engaged residents all across the city
  • Align yourself with a successful organization nearly 100 years in the making that connects with people in sport, recreation, skill development, healthy living and healthy playing right where it matters most –our homes and families.

Supporting an EFCL initiative, whether it's an annual event, meeting or a special program, is a fantastic way to connect with the 157 community leagues and their membership across Edmonton. In return for your support, you and your sponsorship or gift will be promoted before and during, with signage and content through all our promotional streams: 


On our website, with an average of *4,782 unique visitors each month who are spending an average of 2.5 minutes on the site per visit.

In our ENews, with *1, 879 subscribers and an open rate of 56.9%, well above the non-profit industry standard of 21%

On our Facebook page, with 1,581 followers and an average post reach of *795 people

On our Twitter page, with 4,718 followers and 16,200 earned impressions from Apr. 1, 2015 to Apr. 30, 2015. We are very proud to let you know that our hashtag #CLDay2014 was trending in Edmonton on Community League Day, Sept. 20, 2014, a feat we plan on achieving again.

*Stats from Jan. 1, 2015 to April 30, 2015


As a sponsor, your logo will be included in any special hardcopy materials and/or presentation materials that are created for the opportunity you have chosen, and depending on the event - onsite signage and an opportunity to talk directly to our membership. For several of our annual events, we do wrap-ups which live on our website; your logo will be a part of that wrap-up which will remain on the site for the duration of the relevant year.


Whenever possible, we like to help those who help us, by sharing, through social media, any promotions that our sponsors may be doing, and we always appreciate when this is reciprocated.


So what are some of the opportunities?

  • general meetings, held 3X a year
  • annual events like Leagues Alive, a yearly conference exclusively for  community leagues
  • one-time oppertunities such as social media workshops geared towards community leagues 
  • special projects like the EFCL 100 Anniversary Project


These are only a few of the many unique and special ways you and/or your company can support the EFCL. To learn more, please contact our marketing director, Nora Begoray through email or by calling 780-437-2913.



EFCL Offices:

7103 105 St NW
Edmonton, AB
T6E 4G8 Canada

P: +1.780.437.2913
F: +1.780.437.4710

Hours: Mon to Fri, 8:30 to 4:30