Together, amazing things can happen

In 2017, Crestwood Community League celebrated its 100th birthday; the EFCL will follow close behind with its big celebration in 2021. From the very beginning, both the EFCL and community leagues have had one major goal in mind - to turn neighbourhoods into the best communities possible for all Edmontonians.

A parade of community league members holding signs

From the archives, a parade of community leagues and the years they started. Imagine the 157 leagues of today marching down Jasper Ave. in the KDays parade - what a sight, what a confirmation that they are the backbone and voice of Edmonton communities.

Volunteers make it happen


Community leagues and the EFCL were built by volunteers and fundraising efforts, but it didn't take long to realize that for the EFCL to continue its mandate of support for community leagues, partnerships of like-minded community builders would need to be formed - especially with the city.


The long-standing partnership between the City of Edmonton and the EFCL (and its membership) has enabled both parties to work together to achieve many accomplishments and overcome major challenges for our city over the years.


Partnerships make it possible


While we haven't dealt with world wars, great depressions nor the devastating floods of yesteryear, we continue to face challenges with an ever-expanding and diverse population, infrastructure needs as well as the challenge of providing cultural, social and recreational amenities for Edmontonians.  


As a not-for-profit association, the EFCL operates on a very tight budget, and like its leagues, depends on volunteer efforts, event sponsorship and donations. Just some examples of the EFCL sponsors include:


Enmax which supports our Green Leagues program through the Enmax Award which helps community leagues further their energy efficiency and solar projects!


Our biggest financial support comes from our corporate partnerships.


Without the help and generosity of our partnerships with the City of EdmontonServus Credit Union, and Foster Park Brokers, we would not be able to provide support to the current 158 community leagues in Edmonton, all of whom do such great work in building strong, vibrant communities across the city.

Inland AV and Orbis Sports have also joined us as our partners and preferred suppliers for audiovisual equipment and event recreation! 

The benefits are endless


Edmontonians who have a community league membership have a powerful tool in their hands. These are the people who start the ball rolling by caring what happens within their community and ultimately, within the city as a whole.


These people and the league board members they appoint are ultimately who the EFCL provides support to. The support comes in many forms, but for the most part by providing educational support to community leagues, raising awareness of the community league movement through communications and events, and when needed, by being the voice at the city table. 


With this type of support, these volunteer community leagues have done amazing things for almost a century - from getting roads built and electricity put in, to building numerous recreational facilities across the city. The programs they develop cover the spectrum - cultural, sport, social and educational - all to improve the lifestyle within their communities. Community leagues are also the first line of civic engagement. 

Be part of it

Join our proud partners and volunteers! Because together we can continue to build a vibrant, welcoming city through communities that are, and continue to be, living legacies of civic initiatives, vision and strong community spirit.

EFCL Offices:

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