Becoming a member of the EFCL Board of Directors

Photo of EFCL board members meeting in a board room

If you are interested in helping to shape the role of Community Leagues, both in their communities and within the city, we want you!


As elected terms come to an end or circumstances change for individual EFCL board volunteers, positions open up for those who are interested in joining a governing board that has guided and supported Edmonton's Community Leagues for nearly 100 years.


Over the years, EFCL board members have come from all walks of life, from civic leaders and business owners to professionals and academics. What they all have in common is a dedication to the community. Are you one of them? 


If you have experience sitting on a board, are a member in good standing with your community league and believe in the Community League movement, consider standing as representative for the EFCL district you live in. 

Current board vacancies

There are no board vacancies for District ADistrict E and District L.

Duties of the EFCL board

The following is a list of duties taken from the EFCL Bylaws and how to become elected to the EFCL board. The first step is to contact your league.


Article 10 Board of Directors

10.1    The Board of Directors will function as a policy board.

10.2    The Board of Directors will have the following responsibilities to:

   10.2.1 Speak with one voice, through motions;

   10.2.2 Operate being mindful of its civic trustee obligations to the Members;

   10.2.3 Enforce self-discipline and govern with excellence. This will apply to matters like attendance, policy-making principles, respect of roles, speaking with one voice, and ensuring the continuity of the organization;

   10.2.4 Direct, control, and inspire the EFCL through careful establishment of organizational policies reflecting the values and priorities of the membership with a focus on the long-term;

   10.2.5 Cultivate a sense of group responsibility. The Board will be responsible for leadership. It will initiate policy and use its members' expertise to enhance the ability of the whole body;

   10.2.6 Monitor and discuss Board process and performance in relation to values, ethics, policy, and in compliance with the laws of the land. They will fulfil their legal and fiduciary responsibilities;

   10.2.7 Keep adequately informed about current and future trends in relevant global and local recreational, volunteerism, and other issues, actively gathering information;

   10.2.8 Act as their Districts' representatives; and

   10.2.9 Ensure the implementation of all resolutions approved by the Members.

10.3    The Board of Directors will consist of one District Representative from each of 12 to 15 Districts.

Becoming a member of the EFCL board

Article 11 District Elections and Terms of Office

11.1    To be eligible to serve as a District Representative, the nominee must hold a valid Community League membership with a District Member, consent to his or her nomination, and:

  1. be nominated by a District Member, or;
  2. be nominated by an individual Community League member in the District, or;
  3. be nominated by the Nominating Committee provided that such nomination is ratified by the Community League in which the nominee holds membership.

In addition, the nominee must meet the EFCL’s policy on security clearances.

11.2    District Representatives will be elected by the members of each District present at the Annual General Meeting, Regular General Meeting, or a District Meeting. A minimum of 1/3 of the district members must be present to select a District Director.

11.3    The nominee receiving the greatest number of votes cast by the District Members will be elected as the District Representative (and hence a Director) and will be eligible to serve as an Officer of the EFCL.

11.4    Each Director is elected for a term of two years, to a maximum of three consecutive terms. That particular Director may, if so desired, stand for election again after a two-year hiatus from the Board of Directors.

EFCL Offices:

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