100th Anniversary Project Overview

efcl.org 100th anniversary project


We started...

...in 2011 with a vision to create something wonderful for our 2021 centennial anniversary.


We decided...

...to build a lasting, tangible, capital project in honour of the volunteers and contributors of our community leagues.


We made a choice...

...to develop an amenity in Hawrelak Park, one of the city's largest and most central park spaces.


Happily, we are being generously supported.


Our member leagues approved a five year funding commitment from every league, totalling $314,000


City Council unanimously approved a motion to fund $600,000 in the 2015-2017 Capital Budget once the rest of our project funding is secured.


Lafarge Canada has signed an agreement allocating an in-kind donation of material and skilled labour valued at $1,000,000.


We are happy to announce that we received $500,000 from the Government of Alberta, and are applying to the federal government for $600,000 in funding.


If you would like to be a part of this exciting project by volunteering, please visit our Subcommittes page.


Community League Plaza


One hundred years of cherished community memories.


One hundred years of friendships made and recreational activities enjoyed.


Celebrating Who We Are helps us to inspire and shape Who We Will Be.


We want to inspire our future to create another 100 years of fun, caring community experiences.


EFCL Offices:

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