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  1. After adding to your cart, include spouse first name & children's names and dates of birth in Additional Instructions part of the form.  Interested in volunteering? Include that as well.  Thanks.
  2. During final checkout, please include all family member surnames to appear on card in the last name(s) part of the form - example:  Smith / Jones

After payment it takes a few moments for the payment to be received.  When you return to the site it may indicate that the "Payment has not been received".  Please wait, and do not pay twice.  In the event you pay twice we will issue a refund directly to your payment account if you advise us of your error immediately.  Your card should also be emailed to you within a few minutes.  Please contact us at communications@efcl.org if you did not receive your card. Thanks.

Also, If you buy your membership directly from your league there is no service charge.  Online membership sales are subject to a non refundable $2 fee to cover Paypal, Bank, and Administrative costs.  The full membership fee is remitted to the League.

My Shopping Cart & Checkout
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