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Friday, April 30, 2010
City to work with EFCL and Light Efficient Community Coalition
By admin @ 1:40 PM :: 2481 Views :: 0 Comments :: :: Planning Matters - Civic Affairs, City of Edmonton News

Success at City HallEFCL and the Light Efficient Community Coalition will be working with the City on a new artificial lighting policy to reduce energy consumption and light pollution while enhancing safety.   The concerns expressed by various Community Leagues played a part in this new direction.

On April 20th, the Transportation and Public Works Committee of City Council received a light pollution report from City Administration. EFCL and the Light Efficient Community Coalition were there to speak on the topic as well.   EFCL relayed the concerns expressed by community leagues members who were either attempting to reduce their neighborhood carbon footprint or had concerns about new residential street lighting in mature neighbourhoods.
EFCL has heard concerns about neighbourhoods being over-lit, lighting not being put where it is needed the most, the latest technologies not being used, glare inhibiting vision thus the safety of people (especially seniors), and unwanted light in private yards and windows.    Most consistently, we have heard concerns about the unnecessary street light bill. Nearly doubling the energy use of mature neighbourhoods which get new street lighting is not a trend to be supported. 
There is a better way. Other cities have light efficient community policies to enhance safety while reducing the energy bill.   Smarter lighting is the solution. 
As directed by the April 20th City Council Committee motion, EFCL , the Light Efficient Community Coalition and City Police will have input into the development of an artificial lighting policy for Edmonton.   A report will go to City Council’s Transportation and Public Works Committee in November 2010. 
For more information on smart lighting, see the following four electronic brochures: Light Pollution and Safety, Energy , Human Health, and   Residential Lighting Good Neighbour Guide.
Contact Bev.Zubot@efcl.org or 780-437-2913 to provide your perspective on residential lighting and get EFCL’s working draft of a Light Efficient Community Policy.
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